Rookie Referee Spotlight: Danielle Siebert

Rookie Referee - Danielle Siebert     |     Photo Credit: Fanghao Tian (Edge)


Danielle first discovered ultimate in high-school as a senior, but it wasn’t until college when Danielle put on the cleats for the first time and began playing. Danielle played for four years for IUP (the same team that our other rookie referee, Katie Colbert, played for) before transitioning onto one of the women’s club teams, Hot Metal, located in Pittsburgh.

As a rookie referee, Danielle knew the first call on the field would be the hardest one to make. We asked her to reflect on that first call. “I was the only one that could see if the player was in bounds when he caught the disc in the end zone,” she recalls. After looking back at the footage of the game, thankfully she said, “He was!”

Danielle is a fan of the outdoors, and when she’s not flat-balling, she’s hiking, kayaking, fishing, and biking.

Watch Danielle get more calls correct on the field this Saturday at 6PM at JC Stone Field against the Minnesota Wind Chill, or catch her on the field as she dons the Hot Metal jersey for the 2019 season.