Phoenix Intramural Program



The mission of Philadelphia Phoenix’s Intramural Program is to provide structured opportunity to its players, allowing individuals to reach their full potential as athletes, skilled ultimate players, and competitors.


  1. To develop complete athletes and teams in a safe, supportive, and fun environment who excel in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas of the game of ultimate. 

  2. To instill in our young players positive core values and an excellent work ethic

  3. To provide a platform for our players to succeed at competitive levels of play


  1. Player Development

  2. Sportsmanship

  3. Competitive Experience under UFA™ Rules


  1. Mixed Gender

  2. Two Divisions Determined By Grade

  • 5th-8th grades

  • 9th-12th grade

  1. Number of Teams Per Division: 4 

  2. Number of Players Per Team: 14

  3. Waitlist: See FAQ 

  4. Game Times (subject to change based on registration numbers)

  • 10:30am-11:30am

  • 11:30am-12:30pm

  • 12:30pm - 1:30pm

  • 1:30pm - 2:30pm

  1. 2023 Schedule 

  • Week 1 -  Saturday 9/16/23

    • Evaluations

  • Weeks 2-5 - Saturdays 9/23-10/21

    • Regular Season

  • Weeks 6-8 - Saturdays 10/28-11/11

    • Playoffs and Championship

  1. Registration Cost: $120 ($20/week), includes tshirt



Q: When does the fall intramural season start and end?

The Philadelphia Phoenix offers programs in the fall/winter season, in spring, and in the summer. The Fall Intramural program runs from mid-September through mid-November.

Q: When is registration?

Registration for the fall intramural season typically opens up in August. Because we need to plan for field space, coaches, and uniforms, registration for the fall season typically closes August 31. Registration for all of our programs is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and once a program fills up it will be closed, regardless of the posted registration closing date.

Q: The registration website is telling me I need an “invitation code.” What is this, and where do I get it?

The Philadelphia Phoenix uses “invitation codes” to control registration when a program is close to selling out and/or a group is on a “waitlist” to ensure players are registered on a first come, first serve basis. Invitation codes are also sometimes used to limit registration to [players currently playing in one of our programs. Invitation codes must be provided by a Philadelphia Phoenix staff member, specifically the coordinator for that particular age group. If a player is registered using an invitation code provided from another (non-Philadelphia Phoenix staff member) source, that registration is subject to cancellation.

Q: Where and when are the intramural games played?

All intramural teams play their games on the Conestoga Lacrosse Fields at Wilson Farm Park in Wayne, PA. The following table shows the most likely game day by age group; however, this is subject to change each season depending on field availability and the number of players enrolled for that particular season.

Age Group

Game Day


Saturdays (10:30am, 11:30am)


Saturdays (12:30pm, 1:30pm) 

Q: How are teams formed?

The first Saturday of the season, the league will hold a practice for all participants where players will be evaluated by the coaches. Teams will be divided as equally as possible based on grade levels, playing ability and genders. 

Q: Can my child play with a friend and/or carpool buddy?

Yes, each child may sign up/baggage with two of their friends with whom they would like to play or carpool with to the field. Please note your friends’ full names in the “baggage” section of the registration form.

Q: What is the gender ratio on each team?

Our strong preference is to have 5-6 girls on each team. While we hope to attain this goal, we also 1) understand we cannot force demand and 2) do not want to limit access to boys who wish to participate. We highly encourage all of our fierce, future female ultimate stars to register early and show up and show out!

Q: Are there practices throughout the season?


Q: Can teams organize practice throughout the season? 

Yes. However, any team gatherings held outside of league game times is voluntary and not a league sanctioned event.

Q: What do the fees cover?

The fee for intramural registration is used to cover the costs of field rental, coaches, team uniforms, and administration.

Q: I signed my son/daughter for intramural ultimate. What happens if he/she can’t attend all the games?

Please notify your coach so appropriate adjustments can be made for the roster. Refunds are not available once the season begins. 

Q: I need to withdraw my child from the league. I told the coach before the first game, but now you say I cannot get a refund. Why?

When players withdraw once the teams have been formed, it creates significant problems for us as a league. While we understand it may be unavoidable at times, it is fundamentally unfair to the coach and the other players on the team. Our main goal is to make sure that teams are balanced in terms of numbers of players as well as skills. When players withdraw after we draft or form the teams, it means that (1) a spot that could have been given to another player has not been filled because we closed down registration once our maximum number for that age group was reached; (2) the competitive balance of the teams has been affected; and, (3) we have likely incurred costs for credit card processing. Also, facility fees and coaches fees are not reduced because that team has one fewer player.

Q: What if I can’t afford the registration fee or don’t have transportation to the field?

Our goal is for all youth athletes who want to play in our league to have a path toward being able to participate. Please email Phoenix Youth Director Brandon Pastor ( and General Manager Matt Shade ( with specific details.

Q: My child is an advanced player. I think he/she will be very bored at the lack of a challenge in his/her respective age group. Can he/she “play up” a grade level?

In a word, “no.” Advanced players will be looked at as potential leaders on their respective team.

Q: What is your policy on “student coaches?”

We highly encourage ultimate players to “give back” to the PUA program! As a general rule, coaches-in-training (CIT) must be in at least tenth grade and they should be willing to coach in an age group at least four years younger than their own. Approval is necessary and is given on a case-by-case basis, depending on the needs of the program. Students interested in becoming a CIT should email Phoenix Youth Director Brandon Pastor ( and General Manager Matt Shade (

Q: Do you offer any programs for younger ages or older ages?

Yes. The Philadelphia Phoenix host after school programs and advanced clinics at numerous locations throughout the year. Registration for a given season often opens 1-2 months in advance, please check our webstore,, or follow us on IG, X, or TikTok, @phl_phoenix, or on Facebook @PhiladelphiaPhoenix.