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The Philadelphia Phoenix are Philadelphia’s sole professional ultimate team and a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Association™ (UFA). The Philadelphia franchise was created in 2012, as one of the original eight founding teams of the league. In 2013 the team adopted the Phoenix name under the ownership of Jorge Harris.

The UFA™ is the premier professional ultimate league in North America, with 24 teams across the United States and Canada. The 2024 season marks the Phoenix’s 12th season. The Phoenix compete in the East Division against Boston, DC, Montreal, New York, and Toronto.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission
The Philadelphia Phoenix strive to advance the sport of ultimate while promoting diversity and creating opportunities for women in the sports industry.

Our Vision
As a representative of ultimate and the greater sports community the Philadelphia Phoenix is determined to:

  • Advance the sport of ultimate through dynamic and high-level play, striving to become a leading team in the UFA™ while reflecting sportsmanship and integrity.

  • Grow awareness of ultimate by engaging fans through exciting game play and instilling a love of ultimate in new generations by fostering future players.

  • Be reflective and representative of the demographics in our city and nation, promoting diversity in ultimate by engaging fans and players from all backgrounds and making the sport accessible to all.

  • Remove barriers and provide women more opportunities to further themselves within the sports industry.


Team Administration

President and Managing Partner - Christina Lee Chung, M.D.

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer - Jeff George, M.D.

General Manager - Matt Shade, M.E.d., L.A.T., A.T

Master of Content - Adam Booth 

Head Coach - Roger Chu

Assistant Coach - Tom Glass

Head Team Physician - Sommer Hammoud, M.D.

Team PhysicianPhilip Motley, M.D.

Head Athletic Trainer - Josh McCune

Strength & Conditioning Coach - Ian Dietrich

Youth Director - Brandon Pastor

Data & Logistics Manager - Timothy Brubaker