Spiders Edge Out Summit in Thrilling Finale


June 13, 2024

OAKLAND – Last Friday, June 7th, the Oakland Spiders hosted the Colorado Summit at Fremont High School in what turned out to be an exhilarating showdown. The Spiders, looking to solidify their standing, managed to secure a nail-biting 18-17 victory over the Summit, much to the delight of the home crowd.

The game started with both teams displaying exceptional skill and determination. The Spiders took an early lead, scoring 6 in the first quarter to Summit's 3. However, the Summit closed the gap in the second quarter, ending the first half with the Spiders leading 10-7.

The Summit's offensive line demonstrated their efficiency with a 94% completion rate, but the Spiders were not far behind, boasting a 93% completion rate themselves. The highlight of the third quarter was the Spiders' ability to capitalize on their red zone opportunities, converting at a rate of 77%, compared to the Summit's 71%.

One of the most remarkable plays came in the fourth quarter, with Jonah Malenfant making an incredible layout grab that had the crowd on their feet. Jackson Stearns, the PA announcer, remarked, "The game was incredible, both teams played hard through all four quarters, and the athleticism from the players was amazing. Jonah Malenfant's layout grab in the fourth was one of the best plays I've ever seen."

The intensity of the game was palpable, both on and off the field. Demjuan Julian, the Director of Operations, echoed this sentiment, saying, "This was our most intense game this season. On and off the field it was pure enjoyment."

In the final moments, Aaron Rosenthal's crucial block was a turning point, preventing the Summit from taking the lead. Andrew Moore, the Director of Programs, praised the effort, stating, "One of the coolest games I've seen this season, with an absolutely breathtaking end. Aaron Rosenthal's block was amazing."

The Spiders' defensive line, led by standout performances from players like Curry and Thorne, who each contributed significantly in blocks and conversions, ensured that the Summit's D-Line conversion rate remained at 38%, while the Spiders managed a slightly higher 42%.

In terms of individual performances, Frankenberg led the team in receiving yards with 344, while Curry and Thorne each contributed over 100 receiving yards. The Spiders' ability to spread the disc and utilize their depth was evident, with multiple players making key contributions.

Despite the Summit's strong push in the final quarter, the Spiders' resilience and strategic play allowed them to maintain their lead and ultimately secure the victory.

As the Spiders move forward, this win solidifies their position and boosts their confidence for the upcoming matches. The next challenge will be facing the Portland Nitro, and the Spiders are eager to extend their winning streak.

The victory against the Summit was a testament to the team's depth and determination. With key players stepping up and making pivotal plays, the Spiders have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in the West Division.