Middle School Half-time Opportunity is BACK for 2024!


The Opportunity:

At each of the Wind Chill home games this season, 30 middle school players will have the opportunity to play in front of the home crowd in a series of 5v5 half-time scrimmages. Three separate fields (30 yards long x 25 yards wide with 12-yard endzones) will be set up across the main field at the stadium. The scrimmages will run simultaneous for approximately 10 minutes.

The games will be played mixed gender. The 2:2:1 gender ratio (boys:girls:non-gender-specific) will be followed for the scrimmages (ratio may have to vary based on participant availability).

No substitutes will be assigned to any of the teams (only 5 players per team). As necessary, a scrimmage can reduce to 4v4 to continue play.

Free Admission for Players/Coaches

All middle school players participating (and their coaches) will receive FREE tickets to the Wind Chill game that evening. 

We will provide a special Coupon Code for both coaches and players to use on shop.windchillultimate.com to secure their Digital Ticket to enter the game.

Picture with the Wind Chill:

After the scrimmage, all half-time participants will have the opportunity to take a group picture with the Wind Chill players before the start of the 2nd half!

Team Sign-Ups

Any coach or organizer can sign-up their team for one of the Wind Chill home games. Spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis for each game. We ask for a commitment of at least 10 players from a given school when signing up (exceptions can be discussed). If there is interest from individual players to participate who don't have an organized middle school team, they can contact us directly at info@windchillultimate.com.

There is no maximum number of participants per school (a given school can secure all 30 spots for a game if they have enough interest). If 12 participants sign-up for a game from one school (and therefore can’t fill out a third team of 5), some of their players will merge with a different schools’ participants to form an additional team.

If multiple schools are involved during a given half-time, teams will be paired up so they can play against the other school involved.

Participation will be limited to one half-time per player for the 2024 Wind Chill season until otherwise communicated. A given school can sign-up for multiple games, but we ask that no individual player participate more than once. We want to ensure every individual player with interest has an opportunity to participate this season.