Acceleration North Returns as Partner

The Minnesota Wind Chill are proud to announce that they will once again be partnering with Acceleration North, a multi-sport training facility located in Arden Hills. Acceleration North will serve as the official Speed and Conditioning partner of the Wind Chill for the 2018 season.

"I am really looking forward to having our players engaged with Curt and his staff at Acceleration North once again this season, and I am confident their unique and specialized speed training is going to serve to be beneficial for the group," said Ben Feldman, Owner and General Manager of the Wind Chill. "Curt has contagious enthusiasm, and it is clear it rubs off on our players while training and being pushed to failure up in Arden Hills," he added.

Established in 1990, Curt Carbaugh and his staff at Acceleration North train over 1000 athletes each year, with more than 200 of those individuals being involved in Ultimate this past year. The Wind Chill will begin a 12-week team training program this evening at Acceleration North, which will include treadmill training as well as plyometrics and strength training. The Wind Chill players will work with the Acceleration trainers to develop ideal mechanics that emphasize foot strike, knee lift, stride length, stride frequency, power, efficiency and speed.

WATCH VIDEO: Acceleration North Strength Training Overview

"Our treadmill program pushes the anaerobic thresholds of the players and promotes mental toughness. This allows Ultimate players to continue to push through long points and create separation from the competition," said Carbaugh."Our athletes, including the players on the Wind Chill, will outlast their opponents because they have worked harder than any other else on the field," he added.

If you are interested in exploring team training options with Acceleration North for your own Ultimate team this spring, you can reach out to Curt directly at