Reintroducing our All-Female Advisory Board

by Edgar Metaj

As we celebrate International Women's Month, the Chicago Union is proud to highlight our pioneering all-female advisory board. We are the only men's professional sports team guided by the diverse perspectives and leadership of this exceptional group of women.

Formed after the 2022 season, our advisory board was established to bring a unique vision to our team's strategies around awareness, sponsorships, and engaging fans. On this day honoring women's achievements, we recognize the invaluable role they play in shaping the Union's continued success.

Our 10 board members are true champions hailing from top leadership roles across industries and backgrounds. Our board members have had significant impact in construction sales, banking, technology, human resources, and DEI as founders, CEOs , vice presidents and sector leaders. The Union Advisory Board is also committed to supporting the next generation of women leaders as they have two outstanding female high school students on their board – one of whom is the kicker on her school’s men’s football team!

"In the early days, we had to solve problems most of us didn't fully understand," Board President Kim B. Holmes reflected. “We had to learn the sport and the workings of a relatively new professional team.”

"Our goals center around raising the profile of the team and this sport we love," Holmes stated. While metrics evolve, the mission remains steadfast. "We're always aiming higher," Holmes affirmed. Moving into a new home stadium is opening doors for the board to introduce themselves and the Union as integral community partners with local businesses. "We want to understand what drives business owners and to become a part of that story," she said. The board also forges bonds with park districts and schools to amplify their message about the team and ultimate frisbee.

As Holmes explained, "Our purpose is using our collective influence to open doors, make connections, and propel the team's vision forward." The board’s unified force maximizes impact.

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Holmes exudes confidence buoyed by focused preparation. "With our new schedule set, we're equipped to activate fresh outreach ideas, capture new sponsorships, and welcome more fans than ever before."

This International Women's Month, the Chicago Union salutes our advisory board and the indelible mark of female leadership. Their personal and professional triumphs remind us of the invaluable contributions women make in shaping our team, our sport, and communities everywhere.

Members of the advisory board for the Chicago Union:

  • Maureen O'Brien, Global Women's Leadership Forum
  • Ronna Smith-Zahner, Former Nokia Leader
  • Dr. Mariana Gonzalez, VP at the Greater Austin, Texas YMCA
  • Kim B. Holmes, Founder/CEO Kim B. Holmes Consulting
  • Jayne Beck, Senior Engineer, Norton McMurray
  • Sheryl von Westernhagen, Walgreens DEI Leader
  • Stefanie Hicks, Head of DEI Partnerships at Walgreens
  • Sharron Troupe, CIBC Bank Managing Director
  • Kennedi Carpenter, De La Salle Institute student
  • Zoe Felder, De LaSalle Institute student

Join us in thanking and celebrating these phenomenal women breaking barriers every day!