Chicago Union 2024 Schedule Preview


The Chicago Union will kick off their 11th season this Saturday, May 4th, visiting Detroit Mechanix. Union will then host Minnesota Wind Chill the following Saturday, May 11th. The home opener against Wind Chill will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the Union, as they begin hosting games at Lanny and Sharon Martin Stadium at Northwestern University, the team’s new home field. 

This season, the Union seek to win their fourth Central Division title, having last won consecutive titles in 2021 and 2022. In the 2023 season, Union finished 3rd in the Central Division, posting a 6-6 regular season record and falling to the Indianapolis AlleyCats in the first round of playoffs. With the move to a new stadium lined up for the 2024 season, there are a few key matchups and rivalries that Union fans should keep an eye on and consider coming to Evanston to see. 

Key matchups to watch:

3. Chicago Union vs. Indianapolis AlleyCats (6/1, 6/22): The Union completed 260 out of their 283 passes in their first matchup with Indianapolis last season. At their following matchup on June 10th, O-line handler Sam Kaminsky recorded 67 completions. Kaminsky would later complete 69 passes and have 5 assists in Union’s playoff matchup with the AlleyCats on July 29th. Union’s completion rate last season against the AlleyCats was over 90 percent, one of the team’s most notable stats of 2023.

2. Chicago Union vs. Madison Radicals (5/31, 7/12): Defense took center stage in last year's matchups with the Radicals. The Union's relentless defense proved instrumental in securing victory during their first game last year. With 9 recorded blocks, the Union effectively disrupted the Radicals' offensive rhythm. Jake Steslicki had recorded three of those blocks in their first meeting last season, while Andrew Sjogren clocked five D’s at their second matchup (among other noteworthy stats), totaling 12 D’s.

1. Chicago Union vs. Minnesota Wind Chill (5/11, 6/28, and 7/6): In the 2023 season, Union had a 2-1 record against Wind Chill. The first match, played on May 28th, resulted in a Union victory with a score of 16-12. Union’s end-zone set was a dominant element of their games with Union last year. In the May 28th matchup, Union converted 13 of 13 red zone possessions. Nick Pappas led the charge in Union’s end-zone set, scoring three goals and giving the Union a victory early on in the 2023 season. 12 of 16 Union end-zone possessions were successful in the teams’ second matchup, accompanied by lots of back-and-forth action. Sjogren tallied 3 goals, but Minnesota had greater momentum with higher conversion percentages. In their third and final meeting last year, the Union converted 11 of 13 red zone possessions.

These standout performances led the Union to success in the 2023 season, and the team is eager to build upon that momentum as they face off against their rivals from Minnesota in 2024.

A full view of the full schedule can be found here. The Union play against Detroit this Saturday, May 4th at 1:00pm and fans can follow the action on, and the Union's home opener will be on Saturday May 11th at 7:00 pm, as they face Minnesota Wind Chill at Martin Stadium in Evanston.