Match One Medical Match-Up of the Night: June 14th at Chicago

A new game day exploration, brought to you be Match One Medical, will be the Match One Medical Match-Up of the Night. 

We will highlight two impact players that you can expect to match-up against one another during the game on both teams. 

Tonight, we are highlighting the Chicago Union's offensive weapon Andrew Sjogren who will be attempting to get past Chris Graber of the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds. 

#99 Andrew Sjogren is a six year Pro who began his career with the Detroit Mechanix back in 2018. In 2022, he was the Mechanix all-star representative before he took his talents to the Chicago Union in 2023. In 53 career, games, Sjogren has 180 goals scored to go along with 47 assists, and since the UFA started tracking yardage, he has eclipsed 12,000 receiving yards since 2021. That's the 2nd most receiving yards in UFA history. 

#23 Chris Graber is a seven year Pro and can also lay claim to having his Pro career start with the Detroit Mechanix, though his stint only lasted one game before he made the full move to the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds during the 2018 UFA Season. In his 35 career UFA games, Graber has amassed 13 total blocks, and while this number won't top any charts, Graber has become known for his acrobatic and gravity defying blocks on his defenders in timely moments. 

Deja Vu! Chris Graber with another MASSIVE layout block!

— PGH Thunderbirds (@PGHThunderbirds) May 29, 2024

Graber also displays the same athleticism on offense.

And again with this circus catch against Philadelphia in 2023.

You can watch this match-up live at Game time is 8PM EST/7PM CNT