Cam Burden Signs With Royal

Cam has been playing ultimate for 15 years, starting when he was 12. He played Winnipeg MOFO (junior) in 2007 and then graduated to Winnipeg General Strike in 2008. He was a co-captain with General Strike from 2011-2017. He also played for Canada in 2008 at WUGC (junior men), 2015 at WCBU (men), 2016 at WUGC (mixed) and 2017 at WCBU (mixed).

Cam is a great athlete, smart player and bring tons of intensity to the game. A lot of the men from the Royal played against him last year at the CUC and they all agree that he’s a warrior on the field. He brings with him a solid experience and we are very excited to have him in Montreal.

To introduce him to the fans, we made a fun interview, here are his answers.

How old are you?



What do you like doing besides ultimate? Other hobbies or interests?

Anything active. I play a lot of disc golf in the summer months and try to play shinny at the local outdoor rinks in the winter. And board games.


Have you thought about playing in the AUDL before we reached out to you?

Definitely. I would guess every ultimate player has thought about playing, or were at least curious about what it was like to play in the AUDL. I always thought it would be a really fun experience.


Are you excited to come to Montreal?

Absolutely. I’ve never really visited here but I have heard so many good things! I’ve never lived in a city other than Winnipeg so I’m excited to really get to know this city.


Greatest accomplishment in ultimate?

Finishing 10th at WUCC 2014 with Winnipeg General Strike after starting the tournament ranked 32 out of 48 teams. 


Greatest memory in ultimate?

At WUCC 2014, we played Japan’s Nomadic Tribe. Winner plays for 9th. Our O-line turned it 4 times all game, each time getting the disc back and scoring. We were never broken. Our D-line didn’t generate a single turnover from their O-line all game. After tying the game at 14-14, our O-line was sent back out to play defense. We were able to generate a turnover and punch in the score for the game’s only break. We traded points to the end. We won 17-16. I contributed to generating that one turnover and scored the game winning goal in what was the most crazy game I’ve ever been a part of.


Have you played another sport before playing ultimate?

I played a lot of sports as a child. I primarily played baseball in the summer and hockey in the winter.


What type of player are you? What are your strengths?

Handler. Offensive strength: quickness (with and without the disc in my hand). Defensive strength: poach help defense.


What is your favorite throw?

No-pivot quick release backhand break


You played in the Open league in Montreal for the last couple of weeks, what are your thoughts about it?

I think it’s great! It’s a fast-paced game with a good range of skill levels. Everyone gets a good workout and everyone, regardless of skill level, get their hands on the disc a lot. The thing I like the most is how encouraging everyone is while still being very competitive. You don’t have to worry about making a bad throw, dropping the disc or making an error on defense. Your teammates stay supportive throughout. It’s a great atmosphere for players to develop their game.


Favorite movie? Why?

Billy Madison. It’s good, old-fashioned immature comedy. 


Favorite music artist? Why?

Jack White. A unique blues-based artist that turns anything he touches into gold.


Did you have a mentor in ultimate or someone to look up to when you were younger? What did you learn from them.

Jen Stark. She introduced me to the sport and coached me throughout my school years. We have become good friends since and recently got to coach that same high school together for a couple years. She taught me the importance of giving someone (or something) multiple chances. I’ve bonded with more people and discovered way more music because of it. Nothing has helped me grow more as an individual.

Don’t miss your chance to see Cam in action! Season tickets here!