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Our Philosophy

The Montreal Royal is proud to present its vision, its mission and its values, in addition to making you a promise. The organization is built upon these elements; they are like the steel framework hidden beneath a building’s foundation. Today we would like to share these elements with you.

Our promise
Ultimate as professional sport, pure and wholesome, will dazzle you with feats of athletic prowess and impress you with the finesse of the game, that’s a guarantee!

Our vision
Ultimate is known and practiced in Quebec, but this relatively modest awareness of the game must grow. We believe Ultimate contributes to inspiring and motivating young people towards an active life, and promotes athletic performance in a healthy way.

Our mission
To build a lasting professional sports organization that is involved in the community and encourages a healthy lifestyle. The Royal wants to expand awareness about the game of Ultimate, encourage widespread adoption of the sport, and motivate young people to have an active lifestyle. The Royal and its players value athletic performance that is both healthy and respectful.

Our values
Sportsmanship The Royal organization must create a positive environment for its athletes and fans, to emphasize good spirit without cheating. The Royal’s manager will remain transparent in all dealings and to be involved with the community.

Health and well-being Promote an active lifestyle, promote performance in a healthy way, use management practices that are sound and stimulating (CSR).

Innovation Make a difference, dare to think differently, show that the game can be high-performing and spectacular without violence, show that sound and responsible business practices can create high-level performance success.

Excellence  Achieve excellence in the sport of Ultimate through disciplined practice, through innovative training methods and through the enjoyment of the sport. Achieve excellence in business through the application of sound and stimulating values.


Contact the Montreal Royal

If you have questions about the Royal, please email us at info@royalultimate.com