Ryan Natzke joined Radicals ownership in 2020. Ryan began playing ultimate in high school and played at UW-La Crosse. He coaches youth ultimate and plays recreationally when he gets the chance. He has worked in healthcare administration and lobbying/policy work most of his adult life. Ryan and his wife Kristin enjoy their long summer family road trips and watching their son Evan play sports, including ultimate.
Tim DeByl has been the Radicals coach and owner since 2012. Tim has worked in marketing since graduating from UW-Madison, including his current position as the President of Media and Marketing for the AUDL. As a coach he has a league leading 92 wins (92-21) and has been on the AUDL Executive Council since 2013. He has been playing ultimate most of his adult life and loves coaching youth including his 2 daughters, Summer and Capri. Tim and his wife, Angie, live with their daughters in Madison.
David Martin was one of the original owners after his step-brother, Chad, saw an advertisement to own the Radicals on Cragslist in 2012. He has since become a huge fan of the sport. David has spent his career in software development, including 12 years at Epic, and continues to consult in that area. He enjoys spending time with his extended family and traveling, often to Las Vegas. Along with being an avid sports fan you may find him playing strategic games, such as chess and poker.