Madison Radicals vs. Indianapolis AlleyCats Recap

Ryan Baker

Another last second loss for the Madison Radicals when they traveled to Indianapolis to play the AlleyCats on May 20. 

With 34 seconds left in the game, the AlleyCats O-line went out there and threw a fade-away shot to Cameron Brock across the field to score over Eric Blais. The last second score left just a single second left on the clock that allowed for just one huck through a double team for Henry Goldenberg. 

Failure to get the last second throw to the endzone and the incompletion gave the Radicals their second loss on the season, bringing them to 0-2. Meanwhile, the win is the second in a row for the AlleyCats, evening their record to 2-2.

“I thought the guys did a really good job. They had good energy. I can’t really complain about how anyone played. Sometimes you just don’t get the results that you want,” said head coach Tim DeByl. “It’s twice in a row and it’s pretty frustrating. I don’t know how many buzzer beaters you can lose in a row, definitely want to break that streak.”

Something that DeByl was worried about, considering the difference in the amount of game-time action between the two teams, was how the first quarter would go. The Radicals had no issue in the first quarter. Going up 4-2 right away and getting a last second score from Brian Hart to Anthony Gutowsky tied the game at seven.

The second quarter was the breakdown for Madison after a few turnovers and failure to convert had them outscored 6-3 by the AlleyCats. The Radicals clawed back and had a run towards the end of the game that tied the game when they got a break, and then Jake Carrico proceeded to blast down the field for a Callahan. 

It was a methodical game of movement from both squads in the game. In a surprising low-huck game indoors, the teams combined for 13 hucks. Seven of them belonged to the Radicals, however Indianapolis completed all but one of their deep throws. 

One of the brighter sides for Madison was the fact that they walked out with no significant injuries. Brian Hart’s return from injury and hiatus shined a light on what’s to come with Hart scoring three goals and getting a  block in his only defensive point played. The Radicals have also shown their potential to be a contending team this year towards the end of the season.

“Gutowsky, Hart, and Thomas Coolidge had pretty good games on offense, and Sam Stark had a good game on D-line. Lots of good young guys. I think that the best ultimate is ahead of us this year. We have a lot of young guys  in a lot of new positions,” said DeByl. “If Anthony keeps playing better every game, he’s going to be a real problem by the end of season for people.”

Two stats that stuck out among the rest was Victor Luo, playing through a shoulder injury, amassing 648 total yards, more than 100 then the next guy down the list for either team. The second stat was Gutowksy scoring six goals in just his second career game, doubling the amount of anyone else on the Radicals. 

“I just saw the open space and was in the right place at the right time. I score goals in the end-zone, that’s what I’m here to do,” said Gutowsky. “Going into the game against Indy, I felt much more comfortable and prepared which I believe lead to my success in the end-zone.”

The Radicals are still searching for their first win of the season, and with everyone developing and getting a bit more game-action, it looks to be in reach when they host the Chicago Union on May 27 for their home opener. Get Tickets