Power Rankings: Week 7

June 13, 2024
By Adam Ruffner

24. Detroit Mechanix (-)
Record: 0-6
Most recent result: 19-12 vs Madison (L)
Next game: June 15 at Indianapolis

Highlight player: Carson Chamberlain

Even in a downpour, Chamberlain found a way to be efficient and productive for Detroit. The second year receiver transitioned into a facilitator, and completed the second most passes of his young career despite the conditions. Chamberlain now has three 300-yard receiving performances in his first 17 games as a pro. 

Upward trend: Detroit already has as many double-digit block performances this season (2) as it did in 12 games in 2023.

Downward trend: 80 straight losses.

23. Dallas Legion (-)
Record: 0-5
Most recent result: 22-20 vs Houston (L)
Next game: June 15 at Austin

Highlight player: Jake Floyd

Though he hasn’t quite reached the heights of his Week 1 1,000-yard performance, Floyd has been a high volume passer on a Dallas team in desperate need of arms. Floyd has multiple huck completions in all four of his appearances this season, and he’s one of just three players this season to have at least 10 huck completions at a 70 percent clip. 

Upward trend: The Dallas defense scored a season-high 6-of-11 break chances against Houston. 

Downward trend: Dallas has just three wins in their last 26 games going back to the beginning of the 2022 season. 

22. Toronto Rush (-3)
Record: 1-5
Most recent result: 22-20 at Montreal (L)
Next game: June 15 vs DC

Highlight player: Akifumi Muraoka

In terms of production, speed, and the frenzied impact he has seemingly anywhere on the field, Muraoka compares very favorably to LA’s McDougall. In just his last three starts, Muraoka is averaging a whopping 421 passing yards and 246 receiving yards per game, and has back-to-back performances with two blocks.  

Upward trend: Toronto has four straight games under 20 turnovers, and double-digit blocks in three of those performances. 

Downward trend: With two losses to Montreal and no wins against East Division opponents, Toronto is virtually eliminated from the playoffs.

21. Los Angeles Aviators (-3)
Record: 1-5
Most recent result: 22-21 at Portland (L)
Next game: June 15 at San Diego

Highlight player: Sean McDougall

Even with the team taking their lumps, Sean McDougall and his motor never seem to slow down. This season he became just the sixth player in league history to reach 300 goals, and he currently has three straight seasons with at least 40. In Week 7 alone, McDougall accumulated 15 scores and over 1,000 yards of offense in LA’s Northwest road trip.

Upward trend: LA is averaging just over 17 turnovers per game in their last four matchups. 

Downward trend: After making it to the West Division championship in 2023, the Aviators are on the verge of having their playoff hopes ended by their SoCal rivals two weeks before the Fourth of July. 

20. Portland Nitro (+2)
Record: 1-5
Most recent result: 22-21 vs Los Angeles (W)
Next game: June 15 vs Seattle

Highlight player: David Barram

The Nitro pummeled LA from deep in Week 7 and completed 11-of-14 (79 percent) of their hucks, with Barram leading the charge going 4-of-5 from range. The 25-year-old Oregon product has a quick fuse and great power, and already has two 500-yard throwing performances in his first six starts as a pro. 

Upward trend: Portland ended a six-game losing streak and avoided a winless season with their one-goal win over the Aviators; the Nitro set a new franchise record for fewest turnovers in a game with 14 in Week 7; Quinn Buermeyer has 572 receiving yards in his last two games, which is more than his first four games this season combined. 

Downward trend: Portland is bottom four in goals allowed per game for the third straight season. 

19. Philadelphia Phoenix (-2)
Record: 1-5
Most recent result: 22-12 at Boston (L)
Next game: June 15 vs New York

Highlight player: Max Trifillis

In a season plagued by inconsistent performances, Trifillis has been a solid plus for the Phoenix defense in overage and on the counterattack all year. The third-year defender is just four assists and three blocks shy of his second straight 10/10/10 season (assists/goals/blocks), which is especially impressive given Philly’s averaging the third fewest breaks per game in 2024. 

Upward trend: Philly was a perfect 7-for-7 from deep against Boston, who has a top-four huck defense this season.

Downward trend: Opposing offenses have the highest success rate against Philly’s defense; opposing defenses have the second highest success rate against Philly’s offense. 

18. Houston Havoc (+3)
Record: 3-3
Most recent result: 22-20 at Dallas (W)
Next game: June 14 at Atlanta

Highlight player: Jimmy Zuraw

The 31-year-old lefty did a little bit of everything in Houston’s third win against Dallas this season. Zuraw once again led the team in passing, but also collected blocks in transition to keep Houston’s edge on offensive drives. In 24 games entering this season, Zuraw never had a plus/minus greater than plus-five in any given game, and now has two 10-plus performances in his last six starts. 

Upward trend: Houston continues to cling to the third and final playoff spot in the South Division; the Havoc registered double-digit takeaways for the third time this season (all in wins against Dallas).

Downward trend: No end in sight to Houston’s 18-game streak of 20 or more turnovers, which will make their coming Week 8 gauntlet against Atlanta and Carolina especially tough. 

17. Montreal Royal (+3)
Record: 2-3
Most recent result: 22-20 vs Toronto (W)
Next game: June 16 vs DC

Highlight player: Tobe Decraene

With at least seven scores in each of his first five starts, Decraene joins 2022 Leandro Marx as one of just two rookies since 2014 to accomplish such production levels to begin their pro careers. Against Toronto last weekend Decraene was especially versatile, registering 346 throwing yards and 346 receiving yards, and becoming one of just a handful of players in 2024 to put up 300/300 splits. 

Upward trend: The Royal ended a five-game streak dating back to last season of 20 or more turnovers; Kevin Groulx has one of the best and prettiest forehand hucks in the game when he’s in rhythm; in Week 7 the Royal offense had their highest success rate since 2022; opposing offenses have the third worst success rate against Montreal.

Downward trend: The Royal surrender the fourth most blocks per game to opponents in 2024.

16. Indianapolis AlleyCats (-1)
Record: 2-3
Most recent result: 24-21 vs Minnesota (L)
Next game: June 15 vs Detroit

Highlight player: Seth Gudeman

Gudeman has been a welcome development as a receiver in the Indy offense, and has 10 goals and zero turnovers in his last three games. With good strength and athleticism, Gudeman handles single coverage exceptionally well, making him an asset that can stretch the field in an AlleyCats system that can sometimes bunch and clog. 

Upward trend: AlleyCats are first in the UFA in team completion rate and red zone efficiency; Travis Carpenter and Lucas Coniaris are number one and two in completions per game this season; the AlleyCats commit the fourth fewest turnovers per game. 

Downward trend: The AlleyCats fast pace, high-volume offense doesn’t just fatigue defenses, but also Indy’s own players; opponents are converting breaks at the second highest rate in the league this season against Indy. 

15. San Diego Growlers (+1)
Record: 2-4
Most recent result: 18-17 vs Seattle (L)
Next game: June 15 vs Los Angeles

Highlight player: Travis Dunn

A franchise pillar since the Obama administration, Dunn is just eight scores away becoming one of five players—or six, depending on the game Kevin Quinlan has this coming Sunday against DC—in UFA history to register 600 total scores. The 33-year-old Bearded One shows no signs of slowing down from being a perennial All-UFA selection, and his production from any position on the field is a primary reason the Growlers still remain so feisty.

Upward trend: Since converting on just 34 percent of their offensive possessions in their Week 1 loss in Seattle, the Growlers are 69-of-123 (56 percent) over their last five games; Matt Miller is second in the league in hockey assists per game (3.7), and has been a huge connector between the backfield handlers and downfield receivers for San Diego.

Downward trend: The Growlers have five or fewer break scores in four of their games this season, and were just 13-of-18 (72 percent) in their one-goal loss to Seattle in Week 6. 

14. Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-)
Record: 3-3
Most recent result: 26-18 vs Indianapolis (W)
Next game: June 14 at Chicago

Highlight player: Jimmy Towle

Team captain Towle is enjoying the most efficient season of his eight-year career in Pittsburgh, and has just one turnover in his last three starts. He has always been a versatile and productive receiver, but with the Thunderbirds experiencing critical injuries to other veteran starters, Towle has stepped into a bigger distributor and field general role with great team success.

Upward trend: A win this weekend would give Pittsburgh victories against Minnesota, Indy, and Chicago, which would be huge for potential playoff tiebreakers; it’s just three starts, but Will Hoffenkamp is currently first all-time in Pittsburgh’s franchise history in completions per game (53).

Downward trend: Despite being .500 in the standings, Pittsburgh is allowing one more goal per game than they are scoring. 

13. Madison Radicals (-)
Record: 4-2
Most recent result: 19-12 at Detroit (W)
Next game: June 14 vs Madison

Highlight player: Anthony Gutowsky

Whether scoring the disc or getting it back, Gutowsky has been one of the most electric players in the league in his second season as a pro. He’s one of just four players to average at least three scores and 1.8 blocks per game this season*, and defenders across the Central Division are having a tough time matching his footspeed in the open field. The Radicals franchise record for goals in a regular season is 39, and Gutowsky is currently on pace for 48. 

Upward trend: Opponents have the lowest passing completion rate and offensive success rate in the league against the Radicals; despite playing 84 percent of his points on defense, Mitchell McCarthy has multiple assists in five of his six starts this season; Madison accumulated 40 blocks in two games at Detroit this season. 

Downward trend: Madison’s offense is converting just 40 percent (44-of-110) of their offensive possessions over their last four games.

*Minimum two games played

12. Austin Sol (-2)
Record: 3-4
Most recent result: 26-19 at Carolina (L)
Next game: June 15 vs Dallas

Highlight player: Evan Swiatek

In 45 career starts for the Sol, Swiatek has just two games where he failed to register multiple scores. He currently leads Austin in scoring for the third straight season, and is one of the most bankable big play producers in the UFA. 

Upward trend: Austin was 20-of-24 (83 percent) on deep looks in Week 7, with Kyle Henke and Jake Radack going 7-of-8 combined against Atlanta and Carolina; the Sol defense is limiting opponents to the seventh lowest hold rate in the league in 2024. 

Downward trend: Austin has three straight losses, all to playoff teams from last season, and would not make the playoffs if they started today.

11. Chicago Union (-)
Record: 4-2
Most recent result: 21-20 at Indianapolis (L)
Next game: June 14 vs Pittsburgh

Highlight player: Wilson Matthews

For a Union team that can sometimes struggle to manufacture scores, Matthews has been an easy target and release valve in numerous situations in his first season in Chicago. The third-year pro has absolutely exploded in his new role, and leads Chicago in goals and receiving yards per game; Matthews has giga-fied his prior production numbers, scoring 19 goals in his first six starts with Chicago after managing four goals in 12 games over two seasons in Carolina. The playoff race in the Central Division is tightening up as it always does in June, and Matthews could be a difference maker in getting the Union back for a fifth straight season. 

Upward trend: Opponents average the fourth fewest breaks per game against the Union this season; opposing offenses have the second worst success rate against Chicago’s defense; Dex Dremann has just two throwaways in his last three starts compared to 10 assists; Andrew Sjogren registered his third 400-plus receiving yard performance in 17 starts as a member of the Union.

Downward trend: The Union have the lowest defensive efficiency on break chances of any team with a winning record, and have converted better than 50 percent of their opportunities just once in six games this season. 

10. Oakland Spiders (+2)
Record: 4-2
Most recent result: 18-17 vs Colorado (W)
Next game: June 22 vs San Diego

Highlight player: Walker Frankenberg

Few players are more active than Walker Frankenberg in the downfield space. The second year playmaker has been instrumental in Oakland’s big wins against Seattle and Colorado this season thanks to his nonstop route running, and is one of just 17 players* this season to average at least five scores and 400 yards per game; Frankenberg has 14 scores and 1,277 total yards in his last two games alone. The Spiders feed off of the big play, and Frankenberg has been a primary firestarter for big runs.

Upward trend: Oakland is 3-1 this season in games decided by one goal; Evan  Magsig has four straight starts with at least 41 completions and 352 throwing yards; Oakland has no remaining games against Salt Lake, Seattle, or Colorado.

Downward trend: The Spiders are the only team with a winning record to average over 20 turnovers per game this season, and they’re currently fifth worst in turnovers in the UFA overall.

*Minimum two games played

9. Minnesota Wind Chill (-1)
Record: 4-1
Most recent result: 24-21 at Indianapolis (W)
Next game: June 15 vs Colorado (Super Series)

Highlight player: Will Brandt

Granted it was indoors, but Brandt showed no need to play catch-up with his teammates as he stepped onto the field for his 2024 debut last Saturday and completed 45-of-46 throws. The 2024 D-III Men’s Player of the Year has the full package as a thrower already at 22, and now in his fourth season as a pro, Brandt has the collected mindset and confidence to match his talents.  

Upward trend: Minnesota had just 15 break scores combined in their first three games of the season, and now have 17 in their past two; coincidentally Tristan Van de Moortele became full-time defensive anchor as a thrower on the counterattack; opposing offenses are bottom five in success rate, huck completion percentage, and red zone efficiency against Minnesota. 

Downward trend: In four outdoor games this season, Minnesota has yet to convert better than 79 percent of their red zone opportunities. 

8. Colorado Summit (+1)
Record: 2-3
Most recent result: 20-19 at Salt Lake (W)
Next game: June 14 at Madison

Highlight player: Alex Atkins

Yes, the turnover numbers are still too high and some of the decision making with the disc is lacking. But there’s no denying Atkins and his playmaking are a core element of Colorado’s successes, and his ability to split half his time on defense in Salt Lake may have saved the Summit’s season. And in 22 career regular season starts for Colorado, Atkins is now averaging 4.9 scores, 40 completions (95 percent), and nearly 460 total yards per game.

Upward trend: Colorado converted 8-of-11 (73 percent) of their break opportunities in Salt Lake, and held the Shred’s top five offense to their worst success rate of the season; Dennis Bechis has just one turnover in five starts compared to 13 scores.

Downward trend: Even after their impressive performance against Salt Lake, the Summit defense still allow the fifth highest offensive success rate in the league this season to opponents. 

7. New York Empire (-1)
Record: 4-3
Most recent result: 16-14 at DC (L)
Next game: June 15 at Philadelphia

Highlight player: Jack Williams

With all of the lineup absences and tweaks the Empire offense has undergone in the first half of the season, Jack Williams has been as steady as ever in his fifth season in New York. The explosiveness isn’t quite what it used to be, but Williams’ balance in attack and feel for the game remains top 10 in the league. As a result, New York are still top five as a team in fewest mistakes per game, with Williams still able to operate in seemingly every situation. 

Upward trend: New York is 36-of-57 (63 percent) in their last three games on offensive possessions; Charles Weinberg has at least 20 completions and 300 total yards in all seven of his starts in 2024; reigning DPOTY Antoine Davis has really found his stride, with three blocks against DC last Saturday and seven total in his last four starts. 

Downward trend: New York has just five total breaks in their last two games (both losses), and now rank in the bottom half of the league in breaks per game for the season. 

6. Seattle Cascades (+1)
Record: 6-2
Most recent result: 27-16 vs Los Angeles (W)
Next game: June 15 at Portland

Highlight player: Garrett Martin

Since returning to the Cascades in 2023, only Jordan Kerr has more total scores than Martin. The 26-year-old has 128 scores in his last 20 games with Seattle, and he’s joined Juengst, Babbitt, and Kerr as one of the most effective finishers inside the red zone. Martin is decisive as a thrower and route runner, and his agility and strength allow him easy access to his preferred spots. 

Upward trend: Seattle is averaging a ridiculous 25 goals per game at home this season in four matchups; for the fourth time in five games the Cascades connected on 80 percent or better on their deep attempts; Seattle averages the fewest huck turnovers per game; Seattle has set and now tied their franchise low in turnovers (10) twice in the past three weeks. 

Downward trend: With the exception of their win against 1-0 Oakland on May 3, Seattle has not defeated a team with a winning record since 2021. 

5. DC Breeze (-)
Record: 5-2
Most recent result: 16-14 vs New York (W)
Next game: June 15 at Toronto

Highlight player: Cole Jurek

Jurek has been a two-way star to begin the 2024 season. Despite playing nearly 40 percent of his points on defense, Jurek is still averaging four scores and nearly 300 yards of production per game in his second season with the Breeze. And late in the third quarter and up just one goal, Jurek went up into the stratosphere and came down with the decisive play of the night in DC’s monumental win over New York.

Upward trend: Four straight games with 12 or fewer turnovers; Elliot Bonnet has three or more goals in all seven of his starts as a pro; opposing defenses have the second lowest break rate against the Breeze this season of any team in the UFA.

Downward trend: DC is just 19-of-27 (70 percent) on red zone chances in their last two games, and now has the second lowest conversion rate this season in the UFA among teams with winning records. 

4. Atlanta Hustle (-)
Record: 4-2
Most recent result: 23-16 vs Austin (W)
Next game: June 14 vs Houston

Highlight player: Bobby Ley

With six huck completions against Austin last Friday night, Ley is now tied with Max Sheppard for the most hucks (88) since the league started keeping track of the stat in 2021. The 31-year-old has really found his niche in his second full season with Atlanta, and his quick-trigger release pairs perfectly with this Hustle team’s affinity for the longball. With Ley anchoring the deep attack, Atlanta had three more hucks (12) than turnovers (9) against the reigning division champs in Week 7.

Upward trend: 12 or fewer turnovers in three straight performances, lead the league in fewest turns per game through first seven weeks; Brett Hulsmeyer has a 15:2 ratio this season between scores and mistakes; the Hustle haven’t allowed an opponent to score more than 18 goals in four of their five games this season. 

Downward trend: Atlanta is giving up the third highest huck rate (67 percent) to opponents this season. 

3. Salt Lake Shred (-2)
Record: 6-1
Most recent result: 20-19 vs Colorado (L)
Next game: June 21 vs Los Angeles

Highlight player: Jordan Kerr

Reminiscent of when he broke his nose in his first playoff game and threw an assist in his return point later in the same game, Kerr endured a broken bone in his non-throwing hand last Saturday against Colorado and still finished with two assists, 32 completions, 339 throwing yards and just one throwaway. Kerr has improved his completion percentage in every season of his four-year pro career, and now sits at a sterling 97 percent in 2024. 

Upward trend: In their last four games the Shred are 63-of-70 (90 percent) on red zone opportunities; Luke Yorgason is averaging 56 completions and 461 throwing yards per game in his last three starts. 

Downward trend: Saturday’s loss at Zion’s Bank Stadium was the Shred’s first home defeat to an in division opponent since June 10, 2022 (also Colorado). 

2. Boston Glory (+1)
Record: 6-2
Most recent result: 22-12 vs Philadelphia (W)
Next game: June 22 vs Toronto

Highlight player: Jeff Babbitt

With at least one goal and one block in each of his last six starts—and five straight games without committing a turnover—Babbitt is the most efficient and impactful player in the league once again this season, and could be headed towards a second straight MVP. His speed and size still make him the toughest one-on-one matchup in the league, he owns the front cone, and he’s a monster in end-of-quarter scenarios.

Upward trend: Five consecutive games with 50 percent or better offensive success rate; Week 7 was the third time this season Boston registered 10 or more breaks in a game; Simon Carapella has two or more goals and 200-plus receiving yards in six straight starts, and leads the league in total receiving yards.

Downward trend: Boston is dead last in hucks per game (4.5).

1. Carolina Flyers (+1)
Record: 5-0
Most recent result: 26-19 vs Austin (W)
Next game: June 15 vs Houston

Highlight player: Anders Juengst

The prototypical attacker in the Flyers system, Juengst has been Carolina’s leading offensive producer through their first five games, and paces the team in total scores, total yards, and offensive efficiency. But his most impressive stat this season might be his hockey assist numbers, as Juengst is averaging the sixth most per game (3.2) in the UFA this season, indicative of his enhanced role as a facilitator. The fourth year pro still sets everything up with his quickness and legs—Juengst averages over four goals and 220 receiving yards per game—but his volume and precision as a passer are primary reasons why Carolina has a top two offense in 2024.

Upward trend: Only remaining undefeated team; three straight games with double digit blocks; Juengst, Allan Laviolette, and Jacob Fairfax have just two throwaways combined in their last three starts together.

Downward trend: Carolina doesn’t allow opponents a whole bunch of looks inside the red zone, but they’re surrendering the second highest conversion rate this season.