Officiating Interest Form

The UFA is hiring for more officials for the upcoming 2024 season. If you live in one of our areas, have experience reffing and/or playing ultimate and are interested please fill out the interest form below. For questions, please contact

UFA Officiating Information

Physical Demands of UFA Officiating

Expect physical demands. As this is the highest level of ultimate frisbee, the physical demands require our officials to keep up. You will be required to run short distances many times. You will be constantly moving and on your feet for approximately two hours per game. While each game has four officials, the goal is for them to have a combined vision of the entirety of the field. 


Expect video clips, full game video access, demonstrations and exercises on the basic rules through online availability. 


You should bring:

  • Black cleats or cleats.
  • Black ankle length socks.
  • Black shorts

Provided to you:

  • UFA Official Jersey
  • UFA Official CAP
  • Whistle

Game Fees and Schedule

Game fees are consistent in all markets. You can expect the range of $75 to $125 for games depending on your position (sideline official to head official). Depending on the distance from the games, additional travel stipends will also be provided. There is also a slight bonus if you are chosen to work the playoff games. 

Every team has six home games and all can be seen on their individual schedule. If you are near any of these markets, we may be able to use you. 

Help and Assistance

Veteran officials will be available in person or online to be your mentor. That mentor will help answer your questions and provide crucial support. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about situations and rules. The more you talk about officiating, the more you will learn about it.

How to get started

Here’s the path for starting your officiating career. If you are interested, shoot an email to After a few questions about ultimate and officiating experience, you will be given access to our online rules and manual and be asked to take a quiz. If you pass this open book text, you will be cleared to start at a sideline ref and be open for getting schedules. You can also fill out this interest form

Any other questions 

If you have any other questions, please email and we will be on contact.