The World's Largest Professional Ultimate League is Now the Ultimate Frisbee Association (UFA)

Previously the American Ultimate Disc League, the new name and brand identity take effect for the 2024 season.

Los Gatos, CALIF. (January 17, 2024) - Since 2012, the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) has showcased the world’s greatest ultimate frisbee players within North America’s preeminent professional competition. Over the past decade, the league has grown to 24 teams, amassed a global social media audience of 1.5 million followers, and generated viral highlight videos that generated more than 150 million views in 2023 alone.

Today, the AUDL officially becomes the Ultimate Frisbee Association (UFA), a bold new vision to grow the sport, provide legendary experiences for global fans, and elevate ultimate frisbee into mainstream sports entertainment.

“This is a momentous day for our league and the sport of ultimate frisbee,” said UFA CEO Steve Hall. “We’ve made tremendous strides over the past decade to grow ultimate globally and differentiate ourselves from other disc sports. We’re now making our brand more easily recognized by the broader community and setting the stage for more engagement with youth.”

The UFA has partnered with Sport Dimension Inc. (SDI), owner of the Wham-O family of brands which include the iconic Frisbee® trademark, to officially license the name for use across the league. The UFA will also be using its own new Professional Ultimate FrisbeeTM for all games starting in the 2024 season.

“Over 60 years ago, Wham-O launched a new product called the frisbee and not long after, a new game sprung up across college campuses and sport fields throughout the USA,” said SDI President Kurt Rios. “We are so excited to be bringing frisbee back to the official sport of ultimate by partnering with the UFA. I couldn’t be prouder to see frisbee as part of professional ultimate. Working with the UFA and their amazing athletes, we look forward to the next generation of competitive frisbee products used by the best players in the world.”

In addition to renaming the league, the UFA has unveiled a new brand identity. The new logo’s shape and silhouette represents the elite athleticism and excitement of ultimate frisbee while the colors honor more than a decade of the sport’s largest professional league and reflect other professional sports brands. The design elements include:

  • A rapid icon outline showcasing the unique gravity-defying flight of the frisbee, symbolizing the revolution of our sport and unparalleled creativity marked by its throwers and catchers.
  • A layout silhouette inspired by the thousands of ultimate professionals who have sacrificed everything to move our game forward, bidding for one more game-changing possession.
  • The classic red used in our league’s palette since 2012 and traditional blue representing the unlimited sky and global reach of ultimate–a legendary combination befitting many of North America’s most storied professional sports leagues.
  • Spirited & strong wordmark denoting the speed, innovation and unprecedented growth of our league’s reach across global and digital platforms.

For the 2024 season, the UFA is also leveraging a new media and digital content distribution strategy. The league will introduce the all new “Super Series,” top weekly games that will be streamed live and for free on the UFA YouTube and select social media channels.

“Ultimate frisbee and the UFA are built for the next generation sports fan,” said Legends Growth Enterprises President Gabby Roe. “The league has built an extensive ecosystem to reach fans wherever they are, from creating legendary and personalized experiences on game day to hosting digital connections through streaming, gaming, and youth engagement. Legends is looking forward to taking flight with the UFA for many years to come.”

The UFA recently entered a multi-year strategic partnership with Legends to provide sponsorship sales, customer data analysis and merchandise services to drive revenue growth. Legends also acquired a minority equity stake in the league in 2022. The UFA will also continue to reach audiences around the globe with additional digital products, including a new ultimate frisbee video game slated to launch later this year, daily and season-long fantasy competitions, updated video content and more.

The 2024 UFA schedule will be officially released in February, with opening weekend slated for April 2024. The league’s thirteenth title weekend, now called the UFA Championship, will culminate at Zions Bank Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah, on August 23-24. Home of the 2023 West Division Champion Salt Lake Shred, the venue will host the two semifinal games on Friday evening and the UFA Championship on Saturday.

Follow all the offseason news and announcements on the new UFA website,, and on all social platforms.

The Ultimate Frisbee Association (UFA) was founded in 2012 and features 24 teams competing in four divisions across North America. We elevate the game of ultimate frisbee for players and fans, providing a best-in-class environment in our venues on gameday and premium digital experiences for fans around the world. Our world-class athletes represent the future of elite sport, showcasing universal skills for a game eager to grow across all continents. We are also stewards of ultimate, teaching and developing the next generation of young athletes and fans. For more information, visit