Hybrids Making History

March 20, 2023
By Daniel Cohen

Recently, we’ve seen some of the most impressive seasons in AUDL history. Players are hitting milestones, setting records at both the team and league levels, and the game is being played at an all-time efficient level. The following list recognizes 20 impressive accomplishments, all revolving around players identifiable as “hybrids.” These hybrids made history last season and are at the top of their game heading into 2023.

  • Among all players that have totaled at least 100 scores in a season, Ryan Osgar’s 97.0 percent completion rate last year is the highest ever.

  • Osgar also holds the highest completion rate ever by an MVP—no other MVP completed more than 93 percent of their throws the year they won the award.

  • Osgar set New York’s regular season assist record with 67 in 2022.

  • Osgar scored (threw the assist or caught the goal) on 37.7 percent of his points played last season. Since 2015, only Max Sheppard in 2019 (38.3 percent) scored at a higher rate for a full season.

  • Since the league started tracking hucking stats in 2021 (throws of 40-plus yards), Osgar became the first player to complete at least 20 hucks in a season at a 90 percent or better completion rate. Ross Barker was just shy of the milestone, coming in at 88.5 percent.

  • Jordan Kerr threw an assist on 28 percent of his points played (or once every 3.6 points) in 2022. That’s the highest assists-per-point rate ever (minimum 200 points played).

  • Kerr threw a total of 90 assists in 2022, the most ever by a hybrid in a single season. Handler Pawel Janas holds the single-season record with 97 in 2018.

  • 25.1 percent of Kerr’s 358 completions went for assists last season. That’s the highest assists-per-completion rate ever by any player with at least 300 completions.

  • Quinn Finer’s 97.1 completion rate in 2022 was the highest ever by any player that’s recorded more than 85 scores in a season.

  • Leandro Marx’s 108 scores in 2022 was the most by a rookie since 2016. Quinn Finer had the second-most, with 89.

  • Marx set the new regular season yardage record last year with 7,786 combined throwing and receiving yards (Note: the AUDL started tracking yardage in 2021)

  • Travis Dunn has reached 70-plus scores in each of his last four regular seasons. He’s tied with Ben Jagt for the longest active 70-score season streak. 

  • Dunn is the only player in AUDL history to lead his team in scoring in six different seasons. Dunn’s have all been consecutive, too (2016-2022).

  • Led by an army of O-line hybrids in Alex Atkins, Jay Froude, Quinn Finer, Danny Landesman, and Matt Jackson, the Colorado Summit finished their first season with an O-line efficiency rate of 62.3 percent. That’s the highest mark ever by a team in their inaugural season.

  • Since the league started tracking yardage at the start of 2021, Colorado and DC are the only teams that have had a full line of players (at least seven) finish with 1,000-plus throwing yards and 1,000-plus receiving yards in a season. DC had seven such players in 2022. Colorado had eight.

  • Austin Taylor passed Dylan Tunnell last season to become Atlanta’s franchise leader in career assists (191).

  • Evan Swiatek set Austin’s franchise record for regular season goals with 45 in 2022.

  • Bryan Vohnoutka passed Brian Schoenrock last season to become Minnesota’s franchise leader in career goals (151). 

  • Rowan McDonnell is the only player in AUDL history to hold franchise records for assists, goals, blocks, completions, and points played. 

  • Among all players with at least 50 career games played, Jack Williams is the all-time leader in individual offensive efficiency. His team scores on 58.5 percent of possessions when Jack is on the field. Second place is his teammate Ryan Osgar (57.4 percent).


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