Players To Watch: Week 6

May 10, 2019
by Matt Rezin

This is a loaded Saturday evening slate of AUDL competition. As we enter week 6 of our 15 week season, every franchise in the league is figuring out what they need to do to make their way to the playoffs. I'm not sure which game to watch! I might have to set up 6 browser windows in order to watch it all. 

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Saturday, May 11

Ottawa Outlaws at Toronto Rush - 4:00 PM/ET

  • Alec Arsenault (OTT) — In each of the past two seasons Arsenault put up a plus/minus of 66, over 5 per game. In the AUDL that's a pretty gaudy statistic. Alec spends most of his time downfield seeking the endzone and the Outlaws will need his contribution as they seek revenge for their home opener.
  • Andrew Carroll (TOR) — Carroll is a potential AUDL all-star playing for the Rush in his 5th season in the league. Cutting for the Rush as he does for Team Canada he wound up with more assists than goals in 2018 but his game is making people miss and getting past them downfield. 

DC Breeze at New York Empire - 6:00 PM/ET

  • Matthew McDonnell (DC) — Rowan has been building on his 2018 MVP season, through 3 games for the Breeze he's got a plus/minus of 22 thanks to his team leading 13 goals and 12 assists. If the Breeze are creating offense McDonnell is pretty much always a part of the action
  • Ben Jagt (NY) — A veteran of the league in his 6th season at 27 years old, Jagt has the talent around him to get to the playoffs again in 2019. Jagt's plus/minus of 20 leads the team by 5 after 3 games, he is leading the team in goals and tied for 2nd in assists.

Chicago Wildfire at Pittsburgh Thunderbirds - 6:00 PM/ET

  • Ross Barker (CHI) — After playing with the offensive unit for all of 2018, Barker has been playing mostly defense this season. The move hasn't slowed down Barker, he's got 5 assists, 3 goals and 3 blocks after 2 games and he's playing as sure-handed as ever.
  • Tyler DeGirolamo (PIT) — He's back! Questionable for this weekend DeGirolamo is on the active roster for the first time this season. When he's played sporadically for the Thunderbirds, he lights up the field with skies and usually finds his hand on a block or two. Keep a close eye on this game for a big performance for their returning star. 

Atlanta Hustle at Indianapolis AlleyCats - 7:00 PM/ET

  • Elijah Jaime (ATL) — While Matt Smith's stats pop off the page for Atlanta's box scores, those offensive efforts have another side throwing or receiving the goals. Most of the time in 2019, that's been Eli Jaime for the Hustle. After joining the league with Nashville in 2018, Jaime is making a huge impact on the Hustle, averaging an assist and 4 goals per game.
  • Cameron Brock (IND) — The all-time AUDL goals leader (by a mile), Brock is also currently 8th all time in assists. A big part of that is his ability to stay on the field, looking over his season statistics, it stands out that he hasn't missed a game for the AlleyCats (ever?). Playing in his 8th season for the Cats, not much has changed for the every game ironman, he's finding his space in the end zone.

Minnesota Wind Chill at Madison Radicals - 7:00 PM/ET

  • Cam Burden (MIN) — After joining the AUDL with the Montreal Royal in 2018, Cam Burden's move to Minnesota has gone well for the Wind Chill with immediate contributions of 11 assists and goals on his 100 points so far this season. 
  • Pat Shriwise (MAD) — Through two games with the Radicals in 2019, Pat has been as efficient as ever with a 98.3 completion percentage and 8 assists. Shriwise's pinpoint offense continues to make defenders miss, and if he can keep up his average plus/minus of 5 from the first two games, the Radicals will have an easy time on offense thanks to their star handler.

Raleigh Flyers at Tampa Bay Cannons - 7:05 PM/ET

  • Henry Fisher (RAL) — Fisher has been outstanding for the Flyers in this, his rookie season. His regular connections with Eric Taylor and Jacob Fairfax have him leading the Flyers in goals. His pro career is just starting but Fisher is showing why we'll be talking about him for many years to come. We have yet to learn how all-star voting will work but I can't imagine Fisher missing out after his blazing start to the season.
  • James Franklin (TB) — Playing in his first season in the AUDL, Franklin has shown indications he can compete at this level. A clear cut deep cutting threat hasn't quite emerged for the Cannons in 2019, but Franklin could be it with 5 goals on 14 touches.

Dallas Roughnecks at Austin Sol - 8:00 PM/ET

  • Abe Coffin (DAL) — After 3 games, Coffin leads the Roughnecks in Assists with 9 in a tie with Jay Froude. He's tied for 3rd in goals as well, behind Froude and Dalton Smith. These three run the show in Dallas and with Smith and Froude out this weekend, they'll need Coffin's best to avenge the loss on their last trip to Austin. 
  • Ethan Pollack (ATX) — Leading the team with 15 goals, Pollack has been performing well in 2019. At 6'7" he's tough to defend downfield and makes for a nice target for handlers. 

San Diego Growlers at Los Angeles Aviators - 8:30 PM/ET

  • Sean Ham (SD) — Though Ham hasn't been available for a couple games this year, his 17 goals in the 3 he has played have him in the race for league goals leader. Ham's in his prime and when he plays he's going to be finding the end zone. Opposing teams should prioritize his defense because otherwise he can hang a big number on you.
  • Tyler Bacon (LA) — In his sixth AUDL season, Bacon has played for 2 other west division franchises, but LA is his team and this year he's doing it all as he assumes the role of player / head coach. Bacon takes on the incredible task of managing the Aviators' gameplan while playing a full game (~18 points). His on-field performance hasn't dropped off at all, and he's second only to Sean McDougall in assists. Give that extra effort at practice and coach might throw your way!

Seattle Cascades at San Jose Spiders - 10:00 PM/ET

  • Mark Burton (SEA) — When available for the Cascades, you can pencil in 7+ assists for Burton. He just has a knack for finding his team in the end zone, whether 10 or 60 yards away. He came out big for their home win over the undefeated Growlers last week with 9 assists. If the Cascades hope to make the playoffs they'll need that kind of game changing contributions from their star veteran.
  • Jacob Greenberg (SJ) — As he did for the Flamethrowers in 2018, Greenberg is playing both offense and defense and racking up a solid stat line for his new team. One of many Flamethrowers players to make an impact on the Spiders roster, Jacob is tied with Sanchez for the team lead with 10 goals.


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