UFA Inclusion Initiative Members


Name (UFAii Co-Chair): Matt Smith
Team Affiliation: Atlanta Hustle
Role: Player - Rhode Island Rampage (2012), Atlanta Hustle (2015-Present)
Reason for joining the UFAii: I grew up with a lot of different cultural influences from my time in Central/South America, Hawaii, and the US Mainland (both North and South of the Mason-Dixie!). I believe we all benefit when different groups are communicating and learning from each other. I want the UFA and its fanbase to look more like the America I see around me.

Name (UFAii Co-Chair): Christina Lee Chung, MD, FAAD
Team Affiliation: Philadelphia Phoenix
Role: Majority Owner and Managing Partner (2019-present)
Reason for joining the UFAii: I was born in Philadelphia and raised in the 1980s by South Korean immigrants. This stoked a personal fire from having to navigate the challenges of growing up a person of color in the U.S. and being female within both the American and Korean cultures. In college, I majored in Spanish with a focus on Latin/South American studies and studied abroad with the goal of serving communities of color. My career in academic medicine and clinical research has focused on cultural competence and equity in medicine, specifically the discovery of skin cancer risk factors and skin disease unique to patients of color. I have learned the value of opportunity, mentorship, and leadership but also the importance of having the resources to take advantage of these things. My husband introduced me to ultimate frisbee in adulthood and I was captivated by the game and its community. I was equally struck by its lack of racial and socioeconomic diversity. A desire to address this disparity at the local level was one of my primary reasons for acquiring the Phoenix. Similarly, my goal is to challenge the UFA through the UFAii to become a leader in this field and strive to make the spectrum of opportunity that ultimate frisbee affords - health, community, participation in and engagement with sports at all levels - accessible to and inclusive of all.

Name: Michael 'The Sultan' Kiyoi
Team Affiliation: Los Angeles Aviators
Role: Player - Oakland Spiders Championship Team! (2014), Los Angeles Aviators (2015-Present)
Reason for joining the UFAii: I have a strong passion for education and joined to educate myself and others. I also believe we have so many great players/people in the league and ultimate frisbee as a community. These people should be seen, heard and appreciated in order to highlight our diversity and unity. This hopefully will lead to more youth and adults of color joining/loving the game. Lastly, as Japanese American whose family was in the internment camps I am motivated to be involved in a group that values inclusion and action.

Name: James Pollard
Team Affiliation: Philadelphia Phoenix
Role: Player (2018-Present)
Reason for joining the UFAii: I joined because I want to be a part of helping diversify the league and ultimate frisbee in general. I've been playing tennis competitively since middle school and later on went to get a scholarship to play D2 tennis at Philadelphia University. I also played on the golf team my junior and senior year of high school. I've gotten too used to being the only player that looks like me on my teams. I'm a pretty quiet guy that likes to lead by example. Joining the UFAii is my way of having my voice heard so there can be more players that look like me playing at a high level.

Name: Ken Porter
Team Affiliation: N/A
Role: Retired Player. Detroit Mechanix (2013), Charlotte Express (2015-2016)
Reason for joining the UFAii: I joined the UFAii to help make a difference in the ultimate frisbee community, to help make everyone (regardless of sexual orientation, race, ability, role, or financial standing) feel more welcome and included in what the UFA is doing, and selfishly to have another avenue to be invested in a sport that I've grown to love and appreciate for the many fond memories and bonds that it has allowed me to possess.

Name: Ryan Purcell
Team Affiliation: Austin Sol
Role: Player (2016-2021)
Reason for joining the UFAii: To learn, support, engage in the conversation. As a sport and as a society we have much work to do, and I think ultimate frisbee and the UFA can be a part of the solution. And that same line of thought applies to me as an individual - I have much work to do, and I can be a part of the solution.

Name: Peter Thomas Ph.D., M.P.H.
Team Affiliation: Atlanta Hustle
Role: Ownership Group (2018-Present)
Reason for joining the UFAii: I am a longtime member of the global ultimate frisbee community and have competed on men’s and co-ed championship teams at the community, college, and elite club levels. I’ve also competed at the Grand Master level both nationally and internationally.

As a public health epidemiologist and scientist, much of my professional career has concentrated on measuring and addressing racial inequities that drive or accelerate health disparities among people of color.  In my private life, I’ve led and continue to serve on civic and social groups that mentor and support people from groups who are discriminated against or are disadvantaged. As an African American from Atlanta, I am particularly conscious of the need to support and invest in the lives and needs of young black males in ways that help address their life challenges and empower them to realize their potential.  

As a member of Aii and as a part of the ownership group of the Atlanta Hustle, I am passionate about the value and the opportunity the Aii has to advocate for issues that are important to minority groups in the US and to help bring about greater diversity and racial inclusion at all levels of ultimate, particularly the youth and college age young adults.

Name: Dave Woods
Team Affiliation: Chicago Union
Role: Player (2016–2019), Coach (2019 - Present)
Reason for joining the UFAii: I believe that teams and organizations realize their potential only when the talents of a diverse group of people unite towards a common goal free of bias. As a league, we will not reach our full potential, nor be as recognized as other mainstream sports, without diversity and equal representation. I am honored to serve with this group of unique and talented individuals uniting towards the progress of our sport.

Name: AJ Beard
Team Affiliation: Houston Havoc
Role: Assistant Coach (2023)
Reason for joining the UFAii: I've always believed those who have (access, resources, voice) should help those who have not. When I joined the UFA I was already focused on helping marginalized communities and bring youth to the sport, and when I learned what the UFAii was about, it felt like a great outlet for the passions I already was working toward.

Name: Ryan Pierce
Team Affiliation: League Administration
Role: Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
Reason for joining the UFAii: Inclusion is why we play and love sports. It’s about coming together and working toward a goal bigger than ourselves. Sometimes it’s winning a game or championship, but it’s also about creating opportunities and equality through our unique platform. The UFAii represents the power of ultimate frisbee and the UFA: thoughtful and intentional initiatives that bring together people and communities of all backgrounds. And I’m proud to work alongside all the players, coaches, owners and staff that make this a priority for the UFA every day.

Name: Alexia Walker
Team Affiliation: League Administration
Role: Senior Director of Marketing & Partnerships
Reason for joining the UFAii: I chose to work in sports because of the breakdown of barriers that sport provides from players, fans, to communities. It’s with that reasoning that I wanted to join the UFAii. I want to support a group that provides a platform to increase the impact we have within various communities/groups and highlights diversity and inclusion within the ultimate frisbee community. I love the voice that the UFAii gives to a diverse group of people who are passionate about making positive change on and off the field.

Former Members

  • Mike Arcata: 2019 - 2021
  • Tristan Green: 2019 - 2021
  • Gabe Hernandez: 2019 - 2021
  • Monica Johnson: 2019 - 2021
  • Remi Ojo: 2019 - 2021
  • Jason Vallee: 2021
  • Carson Wilder: 2019 - 2021
  • Kamron Daftari: 2020 - 2023
  • Cameron Brock: 2022 - 2023
  • Steve Hall: 2019
  • Steven Naji: 2019 - 2023
  • Will Frolich: 2022 - 2023
  • Amanda Myhrberg: 2020 - 2022
  • Munis Thahir: 2023
  • Kevin Quinlan: 2023