Post Game Recap: Hustle Suffer First Loss of the Season

May 23 2023

By: Wyeth Coombs

The Hustle faced their first bit of adversity in their loss to the Carolina Flyers on Sunday. It was close early, with both teams trading scores in the first quarter. The Hustle took an 8-7 lead with 8:47 left in the second quarter and that was the last time they would be ahead.  Carolina followed this with a 4-0 run to lead 12-9 at half and did not look back. Hayden Austin-Knab led the Hustle with 5 goals in a strong receiving performance. Mischa Freystaetter had his best game of the season with 3 assists and 433 total yards.

One of the biggest differences in this game for the Hustle compared to their last three games was the lack of breaks and increased turnovers. Atlanta only converted 2/17 breaks (12%), the lowest rate in a game this season. The Hustle also had a season high 17 turnovers against the Flyers. Not taking advantage of break opportunities and turning over the disc made it difficult for the Hustle to stay in the game. Carolina also did a great job possessing the disc for long periods of time and it helped them stay ahead in the game .They completed 307 passes in the game, while the Hustle only completed 168 passes. This is a wake up call for the Hustle who look to bounce back this Saturday against the Houston Havoc at Silverbacks Park!

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