Comparing the UFA South Schedules

You saw how hard the path to the playoffs is the for the Atlanta Hustle. Now, check out what lies ahead for their UFA South rivals

Listed from toughest schedule to easiest:

  1. Montreal Royal - .624
  2. Carolina Flyers - .571
  3. Colorado Summit - .561
  4. Atlanta Hustle - .556
  5. DC Breeze - .551
  6. Detroit Mechanix - .551
  7. Philadelphia Phoenix - .548
  8. New York Empire - .545
  9. Portland Nitro - .529
  10. San Diego Growlers - .523
  11. Chicago Union - .503
  12. Boston Glory - .500
  13. Dallas Legion - .491
  14. Salt Lake Shred - .490
  15. Houston Havoc - .484
  16. Pittsburgh Thunderbirds - .481
  17. Toronto Rush - .474
  18. Los Angeles Aviators - .470
  19. Madison Radicals - .465
  20. Minnesota Wind Chill - .451
  21. Seattle Cascades - .444
  22. Oakland Spiders - .416
  23. Indianapolis AlleyCats - .393
  24. Austin Sol - .362


The defending 2024 South Champions have 2 games in the 1st 5 weeks of the season against Dallas and Houston. They'll get tested in a cross divisional matchup vs the Chicago Union, a 2023 playoff team, on Memorial day weekend. But, they'll get to host the Union at home. The pressure will build after that. The Sol will play 4 games in 9 days vs CAR, at HOU, at ATL, & at CAR. That's two double headers on back to back weekends. First weekend they host Carolina on a Friday and then travel to Houston the following day, a rare home and away weekend. Houston has to be circling that game on their calendar. The second weekend is their annual ATL & CAR road double header. On paper, it feels like that stretch will define their season.


The Havoc don't have to cross the Texas border until week 8 when they fly East for a double header against Atlanta and Carolina. This is the only out of state trip on their schedule. Houston does welcome Chicago in on the Union's Texas turnabout. That should be a fun Friday night feature. This will be Houston's first ever cross divisional game. As mentioned before, the Havoc have to be pumped for the opportunity to catch the Sol in week 6 the day after they battled Carolina. A win here could have the potential to shake the standings up in an interesting way. Maybe it's a strategy but in week 9 they'll get the same advantage over the Legion who play Austin the night before. Houston finishes their regular season two weeks early in week 11 after their own home and away weekend. 


Although the Legion schedule is rated more difficult than Houston's they best them by not having to leave Texas sun until week 12. To make things even more comfortable, Dallas has 4 home games in a row from weeks 3 to 7. Week 9 they'll play a home and away vs AUS & at HOU. Their road trip East to take on ATL & CAR is not until week 12. 


The Flyers have two games in the first 5 weeks. Both are against Atlanta at home in weeks 1 and 3. They have a double bye in weeks 4 and 5. That has to factor into how Carolina is preparing this preseason. They can choose to focus on the important match up against the Hustle and then adjust during their extended break. That opening to their season is a polar opposite to the pressure cooker Atlanta has ahead of themselves. Everything has a price though. The Flyers don't get anymore rest as they will play 10 games in the final 8 weeks of the season. Carolina's Texas trip comes early enough in the year that the weather should be manageable, plus they get to battle Austin in their first game. The meat of their season occurs from weeks 9 through 11: at ATL, at DC, at Pitt, & vs Philly. They'll wrap 2024 up with a critical match at ATL in the final week that is bound to have playoff implications. 

The Hustle schedule rates as the 4th most difficult but would you trade it for Carolina's?

One thing is for sure, this schedule is shaping up to generate an entertaining season. There will be marquee match ups from week 1 through week 13. As a prize we'll get to see the fireworks continue in the South playoffs. The South is always one of the fiercest divisions in the Association and the most compelling to watch.