Jeff Babbitt
Boston Glory / Defender
AGE/DOB March 19, 1994
COLLEGE Massachusetts
The highlights speak for themselves. Jeff Babbitt has consistently made plays that mere mortals can only fantasize about. His elite athleticism is obvious, but that is not what makes Jeff the dreaded opponent or consummate teammate. It is what lies between his ears and inside his heart. Defensively, Jeff utilizes his Game Sense to anticipate or force the discs flow, resulting in 84 blocks through 37 games. His 96 goals are hard to skip over, but the true mark of Babbitt's offensive excellence is his career completion percentage of 95%. A number indicative of both throwing skill and decision making. Now entering his fourth season with the Empire, what has made Jeff a leader since Day 1? Consistently giving back to the community and encouraging everyone around him to do the same, unrelenting effort, a humble demeanor and always making time for fans. With great power comes great responsibility and Jeff is just the player to yield it.

Player Highlights