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Boston Glory is a semi-professional Ultimate Frisbee™ team playing in the 24-team Ultimate Frisbee Association (UFA). 2024 will mark the team’s fourth season. Glory has a number of open positions.  Unless otherwise stated pay is nominal or non-existent.

Director of Operations

Responsibilities of this position include a presence at all games to help with setup, breakdown and game operations; arrangement of travel plans for away games; supervision of ticket sales; and general troubleshooting.  Preseason, this job would require ten or fewer hours per week.  During the season, time required should approximate 20 hours per week.  This is a paid position which offers a broad exposure to Glory’s operations and can serve as an introduction to business management.   

Director of Camps/Clinics

Many UFA teams have had success running summer and off-season clinics, frequently in conjunction with local recreation departments. Glory has historically run such clinics at Hormel Stadium in Medford and will be offering a number on Cape Cod on the weeks of July 8th and 15th this year.  The Director of Camps/Clinics will be responsible for coordinating logistics with town recreation employees, responding to parent enquiries, and supervising coaches, along with coaching.  This is a paid position.  Housing in Chatham MA will be provided for the duration of the program.    

Clinic/Camp Coaches

The Cape Cod clinics will consist of three-hour sessions on weekdays during the weeks of July 8 and 15.  It is possible that sessions will be conducted both in the morning and afternoon of a particular week.  Coaches will lead these sessions by instructing campers (typically 10-14 years old) in Ultimate.  The program should consist of a balanced mix of drills and scrimmages with an emphasis on cooperation, fun and spirit.  Candidates should be of at-least college age and will ideally have prior experience teaching Ultimate to children.  This is a paid position.  Housing in Chatham MA will be provided for the duration of the program.    

Gameday Statistician

Gameday statisticians track action on the field in real-time using an iPad and UFA-developed software. This job requires attention to detail and an ability to perform under pressure. Gameday statisticians travel with Glory on road trips (all expenses paid) and receive a modest stipend. 


The timekeeper operates the stadium clock at home games in conjunction with the refereeing crew. Previous experience is helpful but not required. 


The DJ plays appropriate music, including “walkup” music for individual players following good plays through the Hormel Stadium PA system at home games. 


The team photographer is responsible for capturing the action at home games, along with taking headshots of players for publicity purposes. 

Sideline Reporter

Glory live streams its six home games, with the majority of coverage coming from the booth above the stadium.  The job of sideline reporter would be to develop stories from the stands (i.e. interviewing a school team on a group trip to Hormel) and the sidelines (i.e. speaking with coaches during a break in play).  This job requires a good sense of humor, mental agility, an outgoing personality and an absence of stage fright.

Drone Operator

If you’ve got a drone and a license to fly it, Glory’s got a job for you.  Drone footage will be used in both live streams and post-game strategic reviews.  Glory will arrange necessary insurance and permissions.

Hype Crew / Glory Ambassadors / Influencers

Seeking volunteers to serve as ambassadors for Glory in schools, affinity groups and the community generally.  Distribute flyers and marketing materials, share graphics on social media, and / or set up marketing booths at community events, schools, and Ultimate tournaments in and around the Boston area. Training and materials will be provided. This is a great resume-builder activity for highschoolers, college students, and diehard fans alike. 

Gameday Volunteers

Seeking volunteers to assist on game days with setup, ticketing, merchandise, concessions, halftime contests, and other tasks as needed. Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Persons interested in any of these positions should email