Team Statistician

If you are looking to build or begin a career in the sports industry, start with the Carolina Flyers! We are looking to bring on a statistician that will be responsible for tracking player statistics from our games throughout the season. This is a great opportunity to bolster the resume and get some important sport related experience during home and away games!

Prior experience with stats keeping is preferred, but not required. Training will be provided via zoom on the evening of April 15th. Current or former ultimate players, statistics graduates looking for experience, and those generally interested in following ultimate are welcome to apply. Each game there will be one spotter and one statistician inputting the stats on the team iPad.

The Team Statistician is a paid contract position. Must be able to get to Durham County Stadium regularly for home games and travel with the team for away games on weekends between April and August. All travel costs including road meals, shared lodging and transportation will be covered. Home games dates: 4/27, 5/11, 6/8, 6/15, 7/6 and 7/12. Road game dates: 5/31, 6/1, 6/22, 6/28, 6/29, 7/20.

Responsibilities include:

  • Demonstrate a professional demeanor while representing the Carolina Flyers.
  • Attend Flyers home and away games and potential playoff games (April through August), to ensure 100% accuracy, timeliness, and consistency in the reporting of game statistics for our organization.
  • Track statistics during all games, including active rosters, line players, substitutions, passes, scores, blocks, completions, catches, turnovers, etc.
  • Utilize the UFA stats app, on an iPad tablet provided to you throughout the season.
  • Become very familiar with the Flyers 2024 roster to ensure accurate reporting of statistics during the game
  • Provide feedback to UFA as necessary on potential improvements or adjustments to improve the UFA stats app.
  • Serve as the official statistician representative for the Flyers, communicating with league representatives to troubleshoot any issues related to team statistics.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Strong knowledge of ultimate, including rules, positions, strategies, and terminology.
  • Understanding of the UFA and differences between professional and club games.
  • Excellent organization and mathematical skills.
  • Ability to organize and report data effectively and intuitively.
  • Must be able to take direction and adapt quickly in fast-paced situations.
  • Ability to collaborate with 1-2 other people to collect stats during games.
  • Attend a pre-season online meeting on 4/15 with other stats team members to familiarize yourself with the system.

To apply, please send an email to with “STATS MASTER” in the subject line. Include your resume detailing your statistics and ultimate background and let us know why you want to work with the Flyers this season. Applicants must be 18 or older.