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The Seattle Cascades are a professional ultimate team that competes in the West Division of the Ultimate Frisbee Association™ (UFA). The season runs from April to August. As we work to build an outstanding ultimate program, we carry with us a set of core values: integrity, community, and athletic excellence. Our mission is to build a sustainable organization that benefits the Seattle community and the sport of ultimate as a whole. We are a hard-working group of individuals with an excellent product that inspires impressive competition and great sportspersonship.

The name "Seattle Cascades" refers to the Cascade Mountain Range which runs through Washington State.

We look forward to seeing you on the field, cheering with you in the stands, and building an excellent organization that will contribute to the growth of ultimate.


As we work to build an outstanding ultimate program, we carry with us a set of core values: integrity, community, and athletic excellence.

As a subset of these core values, we believe in a world where integrity and athletic excellence go hand in hand, and athletes of all genders have equal value and opportunity to compete.

To get there we have to reshape societal norms around gender, sports, and honorable competition. We’re making progress on this vision by focusing on officiation and gender issues in our sport. Through our partners, sponsors, athletes, and community we are excited to play a role in building a better sport, not just a bigger one.

Game Officials:

Officials play in important part in making ultimate a spectator friendly sport with fans online and in stadiums. Meanwhile, for all other areas of competition, we believe self-officiation is ideal. In fact, the good sportspersonship that thrives throughout ultimate is in large part due to the self-officiated roots of the current athletes. We will actively promote the self-officiated version of the sport to everyone our organization reaches and we will work with other AUDL teams to ensure that the rules and officiation systems in place are serving the current and future best interests of the sport.

Gender Equity:

The incredible growth we've seen in the past 20 years is thanks to women's ultimate, men's ultimate and mixed ultimate. We feel it is our responsibility to be advocates and action takers especially for the mixed and women's divisions so that our sport grows sustainably for all genders.


We acknowledge that cultural and institutional racism exists in our society and in our communities. To combat racism and systematic oppression, work is needed at a national, local, and personal level. As an organization, we are committed to working towards a future that is inclusive and empowering of all people, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.


We envision a future for ultimate that includes all genders competing at the highest level of our sport, with equal opportunities, equal coverage, and equal compensation. We envision a future that is accessible and affordable to brand new and experienced players, all over the country. Our ideal image of ultimate is ethnically and racially diverse at the professional, recreational, and youth levels. We see communities that are inclusive and supportive - people with different backgrounds and belief systems working together to grow our sport in a sustainable way.

Note From the Owners

Born and raised in Seattle, we are five siblings with a passion for fun, competition, and building stuff. We believe in ultimate, in the community it has engendered, in the fans it has inspired, and in the athletic excellence that continues to develop season over season. We believe in Seattle and the incredible people and landscape that make this city special. We are thrilled to bring our passion for our city and our sport together as the owners of the Seattle Cascades.

In 2006, we founded Five Ultimate together. Today, the organization is a global ultimate apparel brand. The Seattle Cascades franchise is run separately and independently from Five Ultimate: different companies, different staff, and different leadership. Meanwhile, we hope that the same passion and inclusiveness that Five has been able to bring to the Ultimate community over the years will shine in the Seattle Cascades. 

Zahlen has played internationally over the years. Xtehn has been a player for Chicago Machine and Seattle Sockeye, and is now in Seattle as the General Manager of the Seattle Cascades. Vehro played for Seattle Sockeye and Rohre is both a player and captain for Seattle Riot. Together, Vehro and Rohre form the executive team for Five Ultimate. Qxhna graduated from Tufts University and plays for Seattle Riot.

To the future of ultimate, community, integrity, sportsmanship, and competition,

Zahlen, Xtehn, Vehro, Rohre, and Qxhna