About the Tampa Bay Cannons

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Our Mission

The Tampa Bay Cannons bring fans and communities together. Our team strives for excellence, competes with ethically responsible behavior on and off the field. We seek to unite people and inspire communities by delivering an exciting sports entertainment experience with respect and integrity.

Our Vision

To serve as positive role models, mentors, and leaders in the community. To create and develop relationships that strengthen our community through our commitment of service and support of worthy social causes, alongside our local business partners.

Organization Philosophy, Values, and Goals

1. To provide a strong community service to the Tampa Bay area by working with national and community organizations such as Forest Planet who plant a tree for every ticket sold to a home game, Habitat for Humanity by providing volunteer hours to Habitat recipients while instilling discipline and work ethic in Habitat kids, American Cancer Society and more. 

2. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial environment for our neighbors which we can collectively build by uniting families through youth development, connecting people, local businesses, and charities to be productive stewards of our community.

3. To make St. Petersburg our permanent home as a cornerstone fixture in the fabric of the community.

Unique Features of the Tampa Bay Cannons

The sport of Ultimate Disc itself is our unique feature. The foundation leans heavily on integrity and sportsmanship known as “Spirit of The Game”. Additionally, with the recognition of long-term effects due to head and neck injuries; a non-contact sport with as much excitement and athleticism as its contemporaries is rapidly becoming the favorable choice for parents and athletes alike. Spectators build a quicker, more personal relationship with the athletes due to the absence of protective gear obscuring or covering their faces making the game a more personal and intimate experience.