Lauren Boyle Wins First Game of Breeze Career by Double-digits in Philly

Photo by Alan Bloodgood

MAY 6, 2024
By Marissa Kleckner

The DC Breeze traveled to Philadelphia to play the Philadelphia Phoenix looking to prove themselves after last week’s loss in Salt Lake and came out swinging, defeating the Phoenix 22-10 in coach Lauren Boyle’s first-ever Ultimate Frisbee Association (UFA) win.

The Breeze got off to a hot start and never let up. In the first quarter, DC scored four goals and forced the Phoenix’s first possession to take over four minutes before scoring, gassing the Philadelphia offense. The Phoenix were held to just a 42% hold percentage (10/24), compared to DC’s 83% (10/12).

Throughout the game, both the Breeze offense and defense were consistent and cohesive.

In this past week, Boyle said she worked with the team to stay disciplined and trust in their systems.

“We worked on our defensive and offensive discipline," Boyle said. “Instead of trying to make things happen, trusting that if we do the foundations of our systems, people's strengths will shine within those concepts.”

On the offensive side, Jonny Malks owned the show. Stepping up in the absence of Rowan McDonnell, Malks put up an impressive game, leading the team in throwing yards (232 yards) with just one turnover, five assists, and 217 receiving yards (second on the team).

For DC, the defensive play of the game was made by Thomas Edmonds. With just over three minutes left in the first quarter, Edmonds was able to chase the Phoenix down in the endzone, making a key skying block to keep them from scoring, which ultimately resulted in the Breeze notching their first break of the game and seizing the game's momentum. Edmonds would finish the game with three assists and a goal to go along with the block.

DC was able to capitalize on break opportunities, having an 86% huck completion percentage and an impressive 63% D-line conversion percentage, both up substantially from last week.

This was the game the team was looking to have after the disappointing season opener, and they will look to build off of as they continue their season. 

“I am so relieved," Boyle said. "There is no doubt in my mind that we have greatness in us. To see glimmers of our excellence show up on game day is all I want as a coach. It's only game two. Going to keep getting stronger from here.”

Next up is the home opener this Friday against the Boston Glory at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at