We are looking for motivated individuals who would like to be a part of what we're doing.​

Sales & Marketing (March-July)
Media (March-July)

Paid Home Game Positions

Operations Expert (Apr-July)
Production Assistant (Apr-July)
Video Crew (Apr-July)
Game Officials (Apr-July)

Just Wanna Help? Drop us a line!

If you'd like to work with the Aviators but don't see yourself filling a specific position, we'd still like to hear from you! Tell us where you're from and why you're interested in the LA Aviators. If you have relevant experience, fill us in. Email: info@laaviators.com

Volunteer on Game Day

Want to get into the game for free? Want to help build the Aviators atmosphere and a rocking game day experience? Sign up to be an Aviators Game Day Staff Member! All volunteers work shifts of 3 - 4 hours, and get to help us make the stadium experience awesome. In exchange, no need to pay for a ticket. Email: info@laaviators.com